The Staff at DCSA


| Monica Drullinger

Studio and Registration Manager


| Lauren Ader-Cumpston

Director of Operations

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| Juan Pablo Roblesgil

Administrative Assistant

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| Monique Montreal

After-school Program Supervisor


| Francoise Sell

Costume Designer, Wardrobe Manager

Francoise is a graduate of Abilene Christian University with a double major in Psychology and Intercultural Communications and also has a life degree in sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery and fiber work. She has been in the business of sewing since 2000, starting with custom home décor accessories and later transitioned to designing and building unique and beautiful tutus and costumes for a variety of professional and pre-professional ballet studios and dancers. Francoise is the wardrobe manager and costume designer at the Dance Center of San Antonio and for the Children’s Ballet of San Antonio. Francoise also works as a private contractor, building tutus for individual dancers competing in the Youth America Grand Prix through her business Bespoke Ballet’s Tutu’s. In addition, Francoise also owns her own private label dance wear line, Dancing Purls. Francoise believes in giving her clients the utmost care for the finer details, using beautiful fabrics and the highest quality materials. To learn more about Francoise’s business and her services for your costume solutions, please visit her website or click here to learn more!


| Anne Atwell

Social Media Coordinator

Annie Atwell is a student at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX where she is studying Communication and New Media.


| Chris Boneta

Facility Operations Manager