DCSA’s Mission

Our dance studio offers numerous dance classes including the styles of ballet, contemporary, modern dance, jazz, hip-hop and pilates as well as pre-professional ballet training in classical ballet

The Dance Center of San Antonio's mission is to train dancer's for extraordinary lives - it is about inspiration and hard work, giving dancers the opportunity to discover joy for the arts, to develop confidence and high self-esteem, and to find their drive and leadership skills. Our dance studio offers numerous resources, including pre-professional ballet classes, unparalleled performance opportunities, and strong connections to recognized dance personalities in both the national and international stage. We aim to inspire children from all backgrounds and provide classes for students of all ages and abilities by offering a variety of classes and disciplines. Whether your dancer desires serious and extensive dance training, or is just wanting to explore the art of dance, DCSA will provide high-quality training while inspiring and encouraging students to become successful and extraordinary people.

In addition to the instruction we offer to San Antonio’s youth, we also provide the same high-quality teaching for Adult students through our Adult Dance Program.