Open Division Dance Classes

Classes in All Styles, For All Ages and All Abilities!


The Open Division at DCSA offers classes in a variety of disciplines for students aged 3 years to 18.

This program introduces students to a variety of concepts while developing their self-esteem, fitness, motor skills, coordination, elegance, artistic expression, creativity, confidence, and appreciation for the arts. We offer classes in a wide variety of disciplines allowing for a well-rounded experience. In addition to our offering after-school classes, DCSA also offers a Home-School division for elementary students. This program meets during the day and is perfect for homeschool students and their families who wish to enrich their child’s education and physical fitness through dance! Please explore our available classes below for both our After-School and Home-School Divisions!


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After-school Program Classes offered at DCSA:

Musical Theatre Workshop

Our newest addition to DCSA classes! Check out our Musical Theatre Workshop, taught by instructor Jen Greenfield. 


Beginner Ballet (3-5 years)

This class is designed to develop creativity, coordination, basic dance movement, and good ballet class skills in young dancers. In this class, dancers learn the basics of dance and movement and gain coordination, flexibility and strength appropriate for their age. Dancers also learn how to dance with the music (quickly or slowly) and different qualities of dance movement (sharp or smooth for example). Most importantly, however, the dancers learn to enjoy dancing and moving while using their imaginations!


Ballet/jazz combo (5+ years)

This class focuses on the basics of ballet and jazz techniques. Students begin with a ballet warm up and basic ballet fundamentals that help isolate and integrate the muscles needed to execute each movement. The class then progresses to ballet and jazz combinations in the center and across the floor. Basic choreography is introduced to help students remember terminology in a fun and creative way. The class focuses on introducing the basic fundamentals of ballet and jazz so that students can successfully progress through the DCSA ballet and jazz programs.


Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Ballet (ages 6-19 years)

Ballet is an elegant, highly structured dance form that teaches students self-discipline and develops an awareness of proper alignment. Our ballet classes focus on instilling an understanding of proper technique as students progress from beginning to advanced vocabulary. Students will also develop a sense of musicality and artistry, better coordination, strength and flexibility, and classroom etiquette. We also seek to instill a joy and love for dancing while maintaining a good work ethic in class!


Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Modern (5-19 years)

Modern is a fluid, dynamic, and highly expressive form of dance that allows students to explore more natural and weighted movement. Each level of Modern at DCSA will focus on increasing the dancers' understanding and integration of the Hawkins technique and Bartenieff inspired movement fundamentals. Students also explore the choreographic process and improvisational techniques, and will work on their own choreographic processes and compositions throughout the year. Our modern classes also focus on building teamwork and a collaborative spirit as they explore modern dance and choreography.


Beginning, Advanced Jazz (6-19 years)

Jazz dance is an energetic and exciting dance form. Our classes at DCSA focus on progressing students from the basic to advanced jazz techniques. Students begin with a warm up that helps to isolate and integrate the muscles needed to execute each movement. The class then progresses to jazz combinations in the center and across the floor. Choreography is also set to help students practice the terminology in a fun and creative way. The Jazz program focuses on introducing the fundamentals of jazz so that students can successfully progress through the DCSA program and eventually on to other jazz programs beyond their formal DCSA education.


High School/Advanced Contemporary

Contemporary combines ballet and modern techniques with musical and emotional expression with a strong focus on dynamics, contractions and release, off-center balances and suspension. This class will bring awareness to the feet, spine, and pelvis while focusing on articulating the body parts. Students will also work on the ability to learn and understand stylized movements and choreography.


Hip Hop (8-19 years)

Hip-hop dance is an energetic dance and physically challenging dance form that encompasses a variety of styles including breaking, locking and popping. Our classes at DCSA teach the fundamentals of these techniques, while challenging the student's physicality, rhythm and individual expression.