Strengthening and Cross-training Program


It is important for dancers to maintain healthy bodies as they progress in their training and an essential element of this maintenance is cross-training. Cross-training allows dancers to balance muscle strength, gain important core strength, increase flexibility, and improve awareness of proper alignment and muscle engagement. We are passionate about providing everything our dancers need to be successful and healthy in their dance training.

Not a dancer? Our strength and cross-training program offers a variety of classes that are a perfect solution for your fitness needs as well!


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Pilates (12-19 years)

Pilates is a precision-based group of exercises which, first, focus on the core (abdominal and back muscles) and then branch out to strengthen and tone the entire body. Pilates non-impact strengthening exercises are performed on mats and sometimes use fitness props such as resistance bands, circles and light weights. Pilates Mat is an excellent avenue to strengthen the core, tone muscles and improve flexibility, balance, posture and alignment white promoting a feeling of physical and mental well-being.


Progressing Ballet Technique (8-19 years)

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is a cross training program offered for ages 7-18 and is extremely beneficial to all dance students. The progressive series of exercises were developed by Marie Walton-Mahon, who is a former professional dancer and now dance educator with over 40 years of experience, in coordination with physical therapists. The class is instructed by Lauren Ader-Cumpston who has been certified to teach this unique curriculum. The PBT program targets the muscle groups that are crucial to perform ballet technique safely and effectively - it is designed to “increase muscle memory, improve flexibility, strengthen technique, and ensure longevity for the dancers". Most of the exercises are performed on an exercise ball or with a resistance band - the exercises are carefully developed to help students find correct muscle engagement while increasing their “proprioception for their posture and weight placement”. This is a wonderful tool to add to any dancer’s training!


Self Defense Karate

This class is based on the traditional self-defense techniques of Tae Kwon Do. Students will begin by learning the basic principles of Tae Kwon Do and how to properly execute each technique before progressing to the next level of education. Basic self-defense techniques are taught and practiced in a safe and controlled environment with an emphasis on discipline, self-control, and how to avoid physical altercations. This class is taught by our instructor, Nina A. Padilla who has earned a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


Balletics Class

Balletics class is a unique ballet class created for young male athletes, ages 6-14 who participate in a variety of sports including football, basketball, hockey and soccer. Athletes who attend DCSA’s Balletics class will develop agility, flexibility, speed, strength, coordination and mental focus that will help them to advance in the sports they love! The exercises performed in ballet help to strengthen and condition the same muscle groups needed for quick footwork, transfers of weight, and jumping. Increased flexibility and ankle strength help to prevent injuries. In addition, ballet helps to train athletes mental focus under pressure as they work to perform precise movements.



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